Our work begins with insight, not design. Insight isn’t inspiration, but hard work. We will examine your category, your competitors, and your customers in search of unexpected and powerful connections that will elevate your brand.


We leverage insight into a single, powerful promise that best motivates the customer to buy your product or service. That brand promise is the strategic link between customer needs, wants and desires and your product’s unique ability to meet them.


We need to win the attention of distracted and busy customers, so we deliver your idea with impact, using marketing and social media tools that connect with the consumer. Impact disciplines marketing to be not only smart and well-crafted, but successful.

Elevated brands are distinguished and preferred over their competitors. Elevated brands are relevant, important, unforgettable, trusted and useful.   It is important work, and requires a dedicated process. At Felder, our process involves Insight, Ideas, and Impact … we call it ROI3.

If you work with us, we’ll begin at the beginning, with primary and secondary research, online surveys and focus groups that help us uncover insights about your business and your customers that result in the most powerful communications. We have deep experience in qualitative and quantitative research.

We’ll translate those insights into traditional media tools like television, radio, magazines, outdoor and newspaper advertising. These staples provide the heavy lifting needed to elevate brand awareness and preference to large, defined groups of people. Collateral establishes intimacy and credibility,  direct marketing customizes messages  based on unique audience needs and perceptions, and of course, social media creates cost-effective, engaging interactions with your target audience. Websites, videos, sales literature and trade shows allow us to create depth, detail, community and engagement with the brand’s most passionate prospects, including your own employees.

We are comfortable deploying each and every one of these tools as appropriate to your unique situation. For a few relevant samples, check out our work.