So you want to grow your business…

Easy…there are only three ways with an established product. You’ll read them and say “I knew that.” But most of us don’t consciously identify the specific way or ways we want to grow our business. Increase Share – you could grow your business by taking business away from your competitors. This is the most emotionally satisfying because it involves consumers demonstrating they like you more, but requires a specific plan to be successful. Instead, you might encourage new uses – like Arm & Hammer finding a hundred new ways to use baking soda to increase consumption among users, or S.O.S steel wool soap pads encouraging gear heads to use pads to clean their wheels. Finally, some brands grow their business by encouraging increased frequency – generally a little tricky because people naturally find their level of use that satisfies them, but changing the brand proposition makes it possible; e.g. it may taste like oatmeal, but now it’s good for your heart, everyday.

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