The best ideas come from a collaboration of highly talented, creative people all looking at your business from their unique perspectives and shaping ideas with your input and encouragement. Each of these talented people has a role to play to ensure that you and your brand get the attention you deserve.

Here you will find communications experts who can craft your brand's unique message, shape its irresistible story, empower it with engaging creative, and even manage the technology assets of your brand to extend its reach and story. Ultimately, an elevated brand is a business-building brand.

Happily for our clients, and for us, an ensemble is not a committee. So as a client, you are encouraged to directly contact any or all of the people assigned to your business.

For the hopelessly curious, we have included extensive bios for each member of the team at the end of of their sections.

Felder Communications Group • 1593 Galbraith Avenue SE • Suite 200 
Grand Rapids, MI 49546 • p. 616.459.1200 • f. 616.459.2080

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