EXPERIENCED PEOPLE: The coolest thing about creativity is that it doesn't dull with time, but rather, discovers infinitely more connections with experience. If you want your ideas harvested from last month's Ad Age, find an agency run by youngsters or a freelancer working out of their basement. If you value originality and results, you'll be glad you chose Felder.

UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE: Our philosophy of Brand Elevation is more than brand mumbo-jumbo. Brand elevation begins by defining, shaping and defending brand integrity. Brand integrity means three things: 1) the brand's promise is honest; 2) the brand behaves consistently in all its communications; and 3) fulfilling the brand's fundamental purpose will produce a positive result in the lives of its users. It may sound simple;
like you could practically do it yourself. But please don't, because it's not as easy as it sounds, and we would really appreciate your business.


Felder Communications Group • 1593 Galbraith Avenue SE • Suite 200 
Grand Rapids, MI 49546 • p. 616.459.1200 • f. 616.459.2080

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